Here are five things you didn’t know you could do in Microsoft 365.

1. Translate Live Events with Video Captions

Language barriers make video calls challenging. Microsoft Teams ‘Live Events’ feature offers easy translation. Organizers of the event can select “captions” and “translate to”, then choose up to six languages that attendees can choose from. For example, if the spoken language during the event is English, but there are French attendees, they can choose to have French live captions during the event.

This feature makes global communication much more manageable. Rather than dealing with miscommunication, everyone can fully understand each other regardless of the participant’s native language. Additionally, users can download the transcript later to review everything that was said during the event.

 2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Teams Meetings

Have you ever had someone walk into the video frame while in an important virtual meeting? Or made some an embarrassing noise in the background? We have all either experienced or witnessed some sort of embarrassment or rude interruption while on a video call. Of course, those are the times when we just can’t find the mute button fast enough. In Microsoft Teams, you can use keyboard shortcuts to avoid a disaster quickly. Here are 3 keyboard shortcuts that may save you from scrambling to find the right button during a meeting.

-Mute yourself: Ctrl+Shift+M

-Blur your background: Ctrl+Shift+P

-Turn your camera off: Ctrl+Shift+O

 3. Schedule Emails to Be Sent Later

Do you ever find yourself working late nights or on weekends and don’t want your email recipient to see when you are working? Or do you ever work ahead of schedule and draft an email that you don’t need to send until next week?

With Microsoft Outlook, you can delay the delivery of your emails, so they send when you want them to. When the best time to send an email isn’t the most convenient, this feature is there to help.

4. Customize Your Inbox

Microsoft Outlook also allows you to customize your inbox to make email communication easier. Prioritize and organize your emails, set up automatic default responses, and ultimately change your layout easily. Microsoft Outlook allows you to view your emails how you want to and stay on top of important emails.

5. Convert Scribbles to Text 

Do you prefer taking notes with a pen but struggle to keep your handwritten notes organized?  With Microsoft OneNote, you can take notes and quickly scribble rather than type; then, it will convert to text for easy reading. This feature is excellent for taking quick notes that you can easily share with others.